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Equine Veterinary Services

At Kyabram and Nathalia Veterinary Clinics we understand how much your horse means to you and strive to provide individual care and attention.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to all horses, from the kid’s pony to the performance athlete; from the foal to the retiree. We provide a full 24 hour ambulatory emergency service catering for colics, foalings, injury and illness and accidents.


Ambulatory Services

Our veterinary team offer a comprehensive range of equine health services from vaccinations, general health checks, gelding, nutrition advice, routine and emergency care.  


Equine Dentals

Equine dental services performed by experienced vets with  Powerfloat for optimum assessment, diagnosis and treatment including sedation and pain relief as required.


Gastroscopy and Endoscopy

State of the art diagnostics for assessment of upper respiratory conditions and inflammatory conditions.  Gastroscopy for assessment of gastric ulcers.



We provide a range of repro services including Follicle testing, pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, AI (chilled and frozen), neonatal medicine and surgery.


Lameness Examinations

Comprehensive lameness examinations with diagnostic imaging via radiology and ultrasound. 


Foaling Down

Talk to the Kyabram Equine Team about our range of foaling down options for your mare and foal needs during, pre and post foaling.


Annual Health Checks

An annual health check helps to keep your horse performing at its best all year and includes Equivac 2 in 1, dental examination/float, wormers x 2, 4 x faecal egg counts and wellness check.



The in-house diagnostics for our equine clients are supported by Apiam’s ACE Laboratory Services.