Kyabram Veterinary Clinic’s Puppy Preschool classes are run on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm.  The classes are run as a five week course.

During the course we cover many topics, including:  training, socialization, general health, handling, desexing, feeding, toilet training, boredom prevention, registration and dog laws, microchipping, and first aid.  We can also teach you some tricks to teach your puppy and we have a graduation party.  We aim to provide you with all the information you need to raise a happy, healthy, well behaved member of your family.

In the first week of class we ask owners not to bring their pups along.  This first session involves lots of information, and a little bit of homework, so that owners know what to do with their pups when they come along on week 2.

Each week owners are provided with notes on the topics discussed and we have hands-on training sessions during class.  We train using positive reinforcement.  Our aim is to socialize puppies at the critical time in their development and to teach good manners, to make visits to the vet more enjoyable, to promote owner/puppy bond, to give realistic expectations regarding behaviour and of course, to have FUN.

Between 4 – 14 weeks is the critical stage in a puppy’s development.  It is very important for puppies to have frequent, positive social experiences during these early months.  Attending puppy preschool is an excellent way to ensure multiple contacts with a variety of people and other dogs.  It also familiarizes the puppy with the Veterinary Clinic in a positive way.

We keep class size to a maximum of 6 puppies to ensure you will receive individual attention and advice for your puppy.


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January 2014 Graduates!