At Kyabram Veterinary Clinic we employ a number of veterinarians in order to meet your needs promptly and with a high quality of service. The Vet Clinic has provided continuous service of veterinary care for over 50 years, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We have an after hours service to provide early veterinary attention for emergencies such as calvings, prolapses, down and very sick cows, as well as colics and bad injuries.

Individual cow treatment is traditionally the most common reason for veterinary requests by dairy farmers. These individual cows with health problems can alert us to important issues which are going on at the herd level. Our aim is to return cows to full health as quickly as possible to minimize loss of production and maintain economic viability. The following are seen on a daily basis:

  Drop in milk production 
•  Cows sick or with specific conditions 
•  Lame cows 
•  Uterine infections 
•  Calvings 
•  Prolapses 
•  Down cows 
•  Eye cancers 
• Surgeries such as caesarians, LDAs, RDAs, torsions         and    wound repairs

We provide veterinary services for all animals, including health advice, prevention of diseases, treatment of sick animals, birthing difficulties, sickness, injuries and emergencies.