KVC have accredited “In Calf” advisors to assist you with your dairy cattle reproductive needs.

Whether you are a seasonally calving herd, split calving, or all year round, we can help you to optimise your reproduction with the following services.

  • Pregnancy diagnosis  -  Pregnancy testing is critical to any reproductive management program.  KVC have ACV accredited preg testers. We usually use two or more of our vets for large herds and can even arrange to do large herds at milking time if the facilities allow it.

We can provide this service in a number of ways.

  1. Manual rectal palpation – this can be used on any stage of pregnancy over 6 weeks. The accuracy of manual preg testing for dating is best in the early stages of pregnancy under 4 months (16 weeks), rather than in the later stages of pregnancy. It’s accuracy for detecting whether an animal is pregnant or not over the stage of 6 weeks is 100%.​​

  1. Ultrasound  - KVC have 2 types of rectal probe ultrasound machines. We mainly use the ultrasound to diagnose pregnancies from 5 to 16 weeks and the accuracy is high, but it can also be used to diagnose pregnancies at any stage fairly quickly if you only require a yes/no result. We check all our “negative” results manually to ensure no pregnancy is missed. In fat or deep cows it is sometimes difficult to view or date the pregnancy.
  1. 30 – 35 days pregnant ultrasound scans – We have two scanners for detecting early 30 to 35 days pregnancy scans. By scanning cows at this early stage of pregnancy, we can detect cows that are not in calf and re-submit them for service, thus altering/increasing the outcome of the number of pregnancies in your mating.
  • Computerised Data Analysis   -  KVC has a computer program to record, analyse and report all your reproductive data. We can analyse reproductive indices and give advice to increase your herd fertility as a result. If you have your own software, we can download files and information from you and do the same.
  • Fertility Investigations – this can be done retrospectively with our computer program once we gather the right information.
  • Mating Programs – after consultation with you we can formulate programs to suit your needs with regards to setting up a mating program to optimise your individual herd requirements
  • Non Cycling Cows – there are many programs to treat non cycling cows and once again, we can formulate a plan that suits you and your herd after consultation.