With the back‐bone of Kyabram Veterinary Clinic being built on the dairy industry, we have much experience with dealing with mastitis. Our "Countdown Downunder" accredited advisors can assist you with problems such as high clinical case load, high bulk milk cell count, and poor response to treatment. Our advisors can assist you in any one of a number of formats:

1. A  consultation focusing on a key area in mastitis prevention and control, ie,

a. Drying off strategy for better udder health in the next lactation, curing existing infections and preventing new infections

b. Calving strategy to prevent new infections at calving time

c. Lactation to prevent the spread of infection throughout the season

2. A comprehensive investigation where a team approach with the farmer, veterinarian, factory field officer and milking machine technician identifies the cause of the problem, formulates a plan to improve the situation, and puts preventative measures in place to avoid future problems.

3. As part of a complete consulting package, where other key areas of dairy cow health are also addressed. For more information see "Farm Consulting"