The observed prevalence of lameness in dairy cattle in our area has increased dramatically since the break of the drought over the last year or so. This has led us to become more involved in helping our clients both with the treatment of lame cows on an individual cow basis and the prevention at the herd level.

Lameness can result in reduced fertility, higher culling percentages, increasing treatment costs, loss of milk production and growth reduction. Lameness is also recognised as being the biggest welfare concern affecting dairy cattle worldwide.

Recent workshops run by Dairy Australia have been aimed at highlighting the welfare issues and economic impact that lameness can have on your herd. At Kyabram Veterinary Clinic we have vets who are trained and specifically interested in cattle lameness who work in conjunction with Dairy Australia to offer you the most up to date advice on the management of lameness in your herd.

We provide services including but not limited to:

•   Individual cow lameness consults 
•   Reducing the incidence of lameness
•   Advice on the impact of lameness on your herd 
•  Advice on how to treat lameness safely and effectively.

The Dairy Australia website has a lameness cost calculator aimed at finding out how much lameness is worth to your business. This can be found at
Lameness Calculator

To find out how we can help with your lameness issues contact the clinic on   (03) 5852 2244