Routine surgeries are conducted Monday to Friday in our dedicated operating theatre. We have a surgical nurse for monitoring and assistance during procedures, and advanced monitoring equipment including heart rate, respiration, oxygenation, blood pressure, ECG and temperature. We minimise the risk in surgeries by conducting a physical examination before surgery and an anaesthetic plan is constructed based on each individual patient. Intravenous fluid therapy and blood screening is available and occasionally recommended, depending on the age and health status of your pet.

Other Surgical facilities:

Anaesthetic monitoring equipment 
Dental machine 
Autoclave for sterilisation of equipment 
Orthopaedic equipment

Soft tissue surgery:

Routine cat and dog castrations and spays 
Mature and pregnant bitch and queen spays 
Hernia repair
Stitch ups 
Abscess drainage 
Lump biopsy and removals 
Open wound management 
Exploratory abdominal surgeries including foreign body removal, intestinal resection and bladder stone removal 
Emergency surgeries including chest drainage, gastric dilation and volvulus correction

Orthopaedic surgery:

Knee reconstruction: cruciate and lateral ligament rupture repair, patella stabilisation
Fracture repair: splint, cast, pinning and plating, jaw wiring 
Toe and limb amputations 
TTO ‐Triple Tibial Osteotomy Surgery for Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Cranial cruciate ligament rupture is a common injury, particularly in larger, active or overweight dogs where the ligament is under a lot of stress. This is injury is similar to a ‘footballer’s knee injury’. The ligament ruptures, causing instability within the stifle joint which leads to arthritis and chronic lameness and pain.

There are a number of surgeries available to treat this condition. At Kyabram Veterinary Clinic, we offer the DeAngelis technique for smaller dogs, or the Triple Tibial Osteotomy for larger dogs. The TTO surgery involves taking a wedge of bone out and changing the angles of the joint to take the pressure off the joint. It is a complex and major surgery, and other alternatives include referral to a specialist in Melbourne for other techniques.  


Grass seed removal 
Ear flushing 
Dental scale and polish plus extractions

Should your pet require surgery, please call us on
 03 5852 2244 and book in advance.

Your pet should be fasted from 9pm the night before surgery, however water may be supplied.

Please present at the clinic between 0800 and 0830am, for admission by our surgical nurse.