Problem dog and cat behaviour can be a source of frustration to owners, neighbours, and other people. At Kyabram Vet Clinic, we can help you to work through issues you have with your pets’ behaviour. There is often no ‘quick fix’ to behavioural problems, but the sooner they are addressed the easier they will be to resolve. Treatment often consists of a combination of environmental modification, training and medication and can take considerable effort and time. Examples of problems in animals which can be treated include:


Fear related problems or phobias 
Inappropriate urination
Separation anxiety
Old age problems (senility). This condition can be likened to dementia or senility in people. Although there is no specific treatment in the advanced stages, management of early cases can reverse or slow the progress. Old age is not disease! Old dogs need not be ‘written off’ because of their age.

We also offer services, which will help to prevent unwanted behaviour in your pet.

These include: 

Selecting a new puppy or kitten –   get advice on what to look for in a new pet. 
Puppy Pre‐school – basic training tips and health advice, socialisation and habituation of new puppies at 8 – 16weeks old. 
Old age check – Health check of older dogs and tips to prevent senile changes. (Dogs over 8 years old,   or showing signs of old age can benefit).